pH Increase Freshwater - Increase pH value safely

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pH Increase - Fast and safe pH increase

pH Increase is a highly effective product for the targeted increase of the pH value in freshwater aquariums. This specially developed preparation increases the pH value quickly and safely to your desired values, ideal for all aquarium enthusiasts who want to optimize the water quality.

The unique formulation of pH Increase provides additional electrolytes that effectively prevent osmotic shock in fish. These electrolytes play a crucial role in protecting the mucous membranes and gills of your aquarium inhabitants. By using this product, you not only ensure an ideal pH value setting, but also the well-being of your fish.

Application: Simply add 5 ml pH Increase to 100 liters of water to increase the pH value by 0.2. It is easy and safe to use and no further complicated steps are required.

At Rendo Shrimp we understand the importance of a healthy and stable aquarium environment. With products like pH Increase, we help you create the ideal environment for your fish and plants. Trust our expertise and dedication to the aquarium community.

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