Zeopure zeolite 5-9mm

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Zeopure Zeolite Coarse 5-9 mm

Zeopure stands for the highest quality in the field of water filtration. This premium zeolite with a clinoptilolite content of approx. 90% is specially designed for the effective removal of pollutants from marine and freshwater aquariums.

By adsorbing ammonium, Zeopure prevents it from being converted to nitrite and nitrate in the nitrification chain, which enables a significant reduction in nitrate levels. In addition, other pollutants such as phosphates are effectively bound and can be removed by filter media such as skimmers or filter floss.

As an optimal habitat, Zeopure supports the colonization and nutrition of beneficial bacteria that promote the biological balance in the aquarium. This helps to increase the vitality of your aquarium inhabitants and maintain perfect water quality.

Dosage: For optimum use, we recommend using 100 ml Zeopure per 100 liters of water over a period of one week. If necessary, up to an additional 300 ml (270 g) can be added. Before use, Zeopure should be rinsed thoroughly under running water to remove abrasion.

With Zeopure, you are choosing a product that not only cleans efficiently, but also supports the long-term health of your aquarium ecosystem.

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