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TheraP Animal Care Bacteria

TheraP is an advanced bacterial blend of purely biological ingredients specially developed for the health and vitality of all living creatures in marine and freshwater aquariums. These probiotic bacteria promote the growth, natural coloration and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants.

The use of TheraP strengthens the animals' immune system, protects their mucous membranes with a natural protective layer and supports the intestinal flora, resulting in a significant overall reduction in failures and stress. This product is ideal for feeding corals and filter feeders and can even replace mechanical water clarifiers such as UV and ozone.

TheraP contains only live, fully developed strains of bacteria that become active immediately after dosing and provide fast and effective support. For best results, TheraP should be dosed directly into the aquarium during the light phase. In saltwater aquariums, we recommend increasing the dosage by 25-50 % to optimize bacterial growth.

Use TheraP from the first day of stocking and regularly for maintenance and in problem cases to ensure a healthy aquarium environment. Please refer to the dosage instructions for application details.

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TheraP - Tierpflege Bakterien für das Wohl der Tiere
5 from 5
TheraP - Tierpflege Bakterien für das Wohl der Tiere

Ich habe mal zum testen das TheraP - Tierpflege Bakterien in Verbindung mit dem Special Blend - Wasserpflege Bakterien

Auch hier gibt es beim öffnen wie beim Special Blend einen sehr schönen Schwefeligen Geruch... der aber bereits nach kurzer Zeit also erträglich :)
Ich habe es jetzt eine Woche in Nutzung und bin doch sehr von überzeugt. Ich kann zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt nichts negatives schreiben und die Tiere sind alle wohl auf

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