Striped tower cover snail - Brotia Manningi

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Striped tower snail (Brotia manningi)

Appearance of the striped rookery snail (Brotia manningi)

The striped rookery snail, Brotia manningi, is known for its elongated, tower-like shell, which is adorned with characteristic dark and light stripes. The high-contrast pattern gives this snail species a striking and attractive appearance.

Keeping the striped tower snail (Brotia manningi)

Brotia manningi is a relatively undemanding snail species that prefers clean water with stable water quality. It thrives well in well-planted aquaria and contributes to the natural cleaning of the tank.

Socialization of the striped rookery snail (Brotia manningi)

This snail is peaceful and can easily coexist with many species of fish and other invertebrates. Its calm nature makes it a good addition to community aquariums.

Diet of the striped rookery snail (Brotia manningi)

Brotia manningi feeds mainly on algae, dead plant matter and biofilm. In aquaria with little algae growth, their diet can be supplemented with special snail food or plant food.

Aquarium design for the striped tower cover snail (Brotia manningi)

An aquarium for Brotia manningi should offer a variety of plants and surfaces for algae growth. A soft substrate and plenty of hiding places are recommended. Regular monitoring of the water quality is important to ensure a healthy living environment.

lat. Name: Brotia Manningi
German. German name: Striped tower cover snail
Appearance: brownish shell with dark and light stripes
Size: up to 4 cm
Age: up to 3 years

very peaceful

can be socialized with peaceful fish, shrimps, crabs and other snails (if the water values match)

Reproduction: possible in fresh water
Diet: Growth or snail food
Difficulty Suitable for beginners and advanced keepers

Requirements & water values:

Min. aquarium requirements We recommend a tank of at least 30 L
Water temperature 20 - 28 °C
pH value 6.5 - 7.5 mol/l
Carbonate hardness (KH) 5 - 10 ° dGh
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