Rotala rotundifolia

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Rotala rotundifolia

Rotalarotundifolia is a fast-growing, red background plant that adds a beautiful splash of color to your aquarium. This plant has 15-30 cm long stems and narrow, long leaves that are particularly suitable for the background.

Unlike other species, Rotala rotundifolia is relatively undemanding, but needs good light to develop its impressive red leaves. It forms side shoots quickly, which means that it needs to be pruned frequently so that the light also reaches the lower leaves.

To plant the plant optimally, remove it from the cup and rinse the gel thoroughly under running water. Then divide the plant into small clumps of 1-2 cm and plant them at short intervals. As it grows, it will form a uniform group of adult plants.

This plant comes from in vitro cultivation and is therefore free from snails, parasites and algae. The high-quality gel used as a growing medium ensures that the Rotala rotundifolia is quickly accepted in the aquarium and thrives magnificently.

At Rendo Shrimp, we attach great importance to quality and with Rotala rotundifolia we offer you a first-class plant for your aquarium that will enrich your underwater landscape.


Planting site: Background
Origin: Asia
Growth: Fast
Height: up to 30 cm
Light requirement: high
CO2: high
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