Post horn snails

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Post horn snails in the aquarium - importance and care

Posthornsnails play an important role in the ecosystem of an aquarium, especially for species such as puffer fish and predatory snails , they serve as important live food. They are not only a natural part of the biotope, but also an important source of food.

Importance for pufferfish and predatory snails

Due to their hard shells, posthorn snails are an ideal food source for pufferfish, helping to control the constant growth of their teeth. Predatory snails also benefit from them as they are natural prey and thus support the feeding behavior of these animals.

Advantages in the aquarium

Post horn snails contribute to the cleanliness and balance of the aquarium. They help to remove algae and excess food residues, which improves the water quality and supports the ecological balance.

Care and keeping

These snails are easy to care for and hardy, making them an excellent choice for aquariums of all sizes. They require minimal care and can reproduce well in healthy aquariums.

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