Piano snail - Taia Naticoides

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Piano snail (Taia naticoides)

Appearance of the piano snail (Taia naticoides)

The piano snail, Taia naticoides, is known for its strikingly rounded, smooth shell, which often has a shiny, dark coloration with lighter stripes or spots. The unique pattern resembles the keys of a piano and gives this snail species its characteristic appearance.

Keeping the piano snail (Taia naticoides)

Taia naticoides is undemanding to keep and can adapt to different water conditions. However, it prefers clean, well-circulated water. This snail species helps to clean the aquarium by consuming algae and organic waste.

Socialization of the piano snail (Taia naticoides)

The piano snail is a peaceful species and can coexist well with many species of fish and other invertebrates. Its calm nature makes it an ideal addition to community aquariums.

Diet of the piano snail (Taia naticoides)

Taia naticoides feeds mainly on algae, dead plant matter and biofilm. In aquaria with few natural food sources, their diet can be supplemented with special snail food or vegetables.

Tank design for the piano snail (Taia naticoides)

A suitable aquarium for Taia naticoides should be rich in plants and offer various surfaces for algae growth. A soft substrate and plenty of hiding places are recommended. Regular monitoring of the water quality is important to ensure a healthy environment.

lat. Name: Taia Naticoides
German. Name: Piano snail
Appearance: white to cream-colored shell with black spiral stripes
Size: up to 4 cm
Age: unknown

very peaceful

can be socialized with peaceful fish, shrimps, crabs and other snails (if the water values match)

Reproduction: possible in fresh water
Diet: Growth or snail food
Difficulty Suitable for advanced keepers

Requirements & water values:

Min. aquarium requirements We recommend a tank of at least 50 L
Water temperature 22 - 28 °C
pH value > 7.5 mol/l
Carbonate hardness (KH) 3 - 15 ° dGh
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Munterer Schnecken

Sehr schöne, grosse Schnecken. Gleich gut eingelebt.

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hübsch, gesund und gut genährt

so kamen beide Schnecken bei uns an.
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Hübsche Schnecke

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Einfach super

Sehr schöne kräftige Tiere. Alle gesund und munter angekommen. Kann ich nur empfehlen

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