Phos-Out 4 - liquid phosphate remover

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PHOS-OUT 4 phosphate remover

PHOS-OUT 4 Phosphate Rem over is your first choice when it comes to effectively and safely reducing phosphates in the aquarium. This polymer-based product is ideal for use in both marine and freshwater aquariums and is gentle on the sensitive biology of the water.

PHOS-OUT 4 quickly and permanently binds both organic and inorganic phosphates, resulting in a significant improvement in water quality. This phosphate remover does not contain any heavy metals and is therefore a safe choice for the health of your aquarium inhabitants.

By lowering the phosphate level in a controlled manner without affecting the biological processes in the aquarium, PHOS-OUT 4 not only helps to clarify the water, but also supports the general well-being of your fish and plants.

The simple dosage enables precise application: In freshwater aquariums, add a maximum of 4 ml per 100 liters of water every 12-24 hours; in saltwater aquariums, add a maximum of 2 ml under the same conditions, in each case until the desired phosphate level is reached.

Rely on the effective formula of PHOS-OUT 4 to lower the phosphate levels in your aquarium in a targeted and safe manner. Rendo Shrimp recommends this phosphate remover for a healthy and stable aquatic environment.

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