Moluccan fan shrimp - Atya Moluccensis

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Moluccan fan shrimp (Atya moluccensis)

Appearance of the Moluccan fan shrimp (Atya moluccensis)

The Moluccan fan shrimp, Atya moluccensis, is known for its impressive fan hands and subtle shades of color, which can range from green to blue. This shrimp species is larger than many other shrimp species and offers a fascinating aesthetic with its characteristic fan hands.

Keeping the Moluccan fan shrimp (Atya moluccensis)

Atya moluccensis requires clean, well-filtered water and benefits from an environment with plenty of current. They are relatively undemanding as long as the water quality is kept high. This shrimp species is ideal for aquarists looking for a unique and attractive aquarium creature.

Socialization of the Moluccan fan shrimp (Atya moluccensis)

The Moluccan fan shrimp is peaceful and can easily be kept with a variety of peaceful fish and other invertebrates. Due to their size, they should not be kept together with very small species that could inadvertently be regarded as food.

Diet of the Moluccan fan shrimp (Atya moluccensis)

Atya moluccensis feeds mainly on fine suspended particles in the water. In aquaria they can be fed with finely ground food. Providing a varied diet is important to ensure optimum health and vitality.

Tank design for the Moluccan fan shrimp (Atya moluccensis)

An aquarium for Atya moluccensis should be rich in hiding places and equipped with areas of strong current to support their natural feeding habits. Plants, roots and stones provide ideal hiding places and help to create a near-natural habitat.

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