JBL pH-Plus 100 ml

Water conditioner to increase the pH and KH values in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
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JBL pH-Plus: Set the ideal pH value for your aquarium

A suitable pH value is essential for the well-being and health of the aquarium inhabitants. With JBL pH-Plus you can raise the pH value in the aquarium safely and efficiently to create near-natural living conditions for fish and plants.

This specialized water conditioner provides a quick solution for increasing the pH value, while at the same time ensuring stability by raising the carbonate hardness (KH). The KH contains bicarbonates, which are crucial for stabilizing the pH. A KH value that is too low can lead to strong fluctuations in the pH value, which can be stressful and dangerous for your aquarium inhabitants.

JBL pH-Plus is particularly suitable for freshwater aquariums in which a KH of at least 5 °dKH is aimed for in order to prevent excessive pH fluctuations. For special aquarium environments such as Tanganyika and Lake Malawi aquariums, or for saltwater aquariums with other KH and pH requirements, JBL offers supplementary products to ensure an optimum balance.

With JBL pH-Plus you create the ideal conditions in the aquarium under which fish and plants can feel like in their natural environment. A stable and species-appropriate pH value is the key to a healthy aquarium and the vitality of its inhabitants.

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