JBL StartKit

Set of water conditioner & starter bacteria for starting freshwater aquariums
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Start your aquarium safely and healthily with JBL Biotopol and JBL Denitrol

The quality of the water is crucial for a healthy aquarium life. JBL Biotopol, the effective water conditioner, binds heavy metals and neutralizes chlorine in your tap water to create a safe environment for fish and invertebrates. This quick and essential treatment, which only takes about 15 minutes, optimally prepares your aquarium water and protects your aquarium inhabitants from harmful substances.

After water treatment with JBL Biotopol, it is time to add vital cleaning bacteria to your aquarium with JBL Denitrol. These bacteria are essential for a functioning biological cycle in the aquarium, as they effectively break down fish excrement and other organic waste. The addition of JBL Denitrol allows you to start stocking fish immediately after treatment, as the biological balance is supported and promoted.

The combination of JBL Biotopol and JBL Denitrol is the ideal preparation for setting up a new aquarium or after a partial water change. It not only ensures the safety and health of your aquarium inhabitants from day one, but also efficient and sustainable maintenance of the aquarium ecosystem.

Rely on the quality and expertise of JBL to provide your aquarium with the best possible starting conditions. Experience how easy and effective aquarium set-up and care can be when you have the right products to hand.

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