Aquarium staple food granules in size XXS for neon & other small tetras from 1-3 cm
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JBL PRONOVO NEON & species concept for ornamental tetras

The species-appropriate feeding of your ornamental tetras, especially the bright neons, is easier and more effective than ever with the JBL PRONOVO species concept. In addition to the main food JBL PRONOVO BEL for community aquariums, the species concept allows you to optimize the nutrition of your aquarium inhabitants in a targeted and individual way.

JBL PRONOVO NEON is a mouth-friendly granulate specially developed for neon and other small tetras, which perfectly reproduces the feeding habits of these fish in their natural habitats - the nutrient-poor blackwater rivers of South America. With a balanced protein-fat ratio of 6.5:1 and a high proportion of plant-based ingredients and insect protein, JBL PRONOVO NEON offers a diet rich in essential nutrients and perfectly tailored to the needs of small characins.

The right food size plays a decisive role in the healthy nutrition of your aquarium inhabitants. JBL PRONOVO NEON is designed to be easily ingested by even the smallest fish species to ensure that all animals in your aquarium have access to high quality food. If you have to choose between two sizes, we remind you to always prefer the smaller option to facilitate food intake and promote the health of your fish.

Choose JBL PRONOVO NEON as part of the species concept to ensure an optimized and species-appropriate diet for your ornamental tetras. Variety in the food supply is positive and contributes to the well-being of all fish groups in your aquarium. Discover the specialized food options from Rendo Shrimp and experience how your aquarium will flourish with the right nutrition for its inhabitants.

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