Aquarium staple food flakes in size S for guppies & other livebearers from 3-10 cm
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Special food for livebearing toothcarps at Rendo Shrimp

Livebearing toothcarps such as guppies, black mollies, platies and sail carp are popular in aquariums for their colorfulness and liveliness. Their ability to give birth to live young sets them apart from many other fish species and places special demands on their diet.

The diet of these versatile aquarium inhabitants should be as varied as their natural habitat. From insects and their larvae to algae - livebearing toothcarps are anything but choosy. To imitate this variety, Rendo Shrimp offers a selection of flake and granulated food that is specially tailored to the needs of this group of fish.

The choice between flakes and granules can be a personal preference or a practical consideration, especially when an automatic feeder is in use. At Rendo Shrimp, we understand that switching from one type of food to another requires a period of adjustment - much like switching from soft cornflakes to whole grain muesli.

In addition to the type of food, the composition also plays an important role. Our feed variants offer both probiotic and prebiotic options. While probiotic food contains live cultures to promote health, prebiotic ingredients selectively support the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the digestive tract. This not only promotes the health of your fish, but also helps to reduce pollution of the aquarium water, which in turn can reduce algae problems.

Choose Rendo Shrimp when it comes to feeding your livebearing toothcarp. Our food selection is designed to meet the natural nutritional needs of your fish while ensuring a clean, healthy aquarium. Discover our products now and ensure optimum nutrition for your aquarium inhabitants.

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