Food tablets for all loaches from 1-20 cm
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Optimal feeding of bottom dwellers with JBL PRONOVO

Bottom-oriented fish such as loaches and armored catfish play an important role in the ecosystem of an aquarium. The species-appropriate feeding of these useful and often underestimated aquarium inhabitants is crucial for their health and the balance of your aquarium.

The challenge of feeding bottom dwellers in a community aquarium is to ensure that the food actually reaches the intended recipients. A tried and tested method is to feed the fish in the higher water layers first and then, while they are distracted, add targeted food tablets for the bottom dwellers.

Rendo Shrimp offers specially developed food tablets in the form of JBL PRONOVO CORYDORAS for armored catfish and JBL PRONOVO BOTIA for loaches for the care of various bottom dwellers. This targeted feeding strategy ensures that each species receives the food optimized for it and also promotes species diversity and well-being in your aquarium.

The difference between food tablets and wafers lies mainly in their production and composition. While food tablets are made by mechanically pressing flake food, wafers are made from a slurry that is pressed into a "continuous sausage", sliced thinly and dried. These differences mean that wafers tend to have a harder consistency, which makes them particularly suitable for certain types of bottom dwellers, such as suckermouth catfish.

Rendo Shrimp recommends considering the specific nutritional needs of your bottom dwellers and choosing the appropriate form of food accordingly. With the high-quality products from JBL PRONOVO you not only ensure the health of your fish, but also a balanced and thriving aquarium life.

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