Dennerle Nano Scapers Tank Basic 35L - Power LED

incl. cover plate, base, filter, lamp
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Nano Tank, 35 L

Discover the perfect combination of modern design and traditional aquarium technology with the Nano Tank, 35 L. This Nano Tank from Dennerle is a real highlight for every lover of mini aquariums and, thanks to its rounded corners, offers a spectacular panoramic view that perfectly accentuates the natural habitat of your aquatic inhabitants.

The Nano Tank is specially designed to create a near-natural aquarium design, with a high depth effect that allows you to create a lively and impressive underwater paradise. Ideal for keeping plants, shrimps and snails, this tank fits into both freshwater and saltwater environments, offering versatile possibilities for your aquascaping.

The compact design of the Nano Tank, 35 L makes it possible to integrate a piece of nature into your home, even in the smallest of spaces. Dimensions of the tank: 40 cm wide, 32 cm deep and 28 cm high with a glass thickness of 5 mm, which guarantees lasting durability and a secure stand.

Rendo Shrimp is proud to offer a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and of high quality. With the Nano Tank, 35 L, you can bring the beauty and tranquillity of nature directly into your living room or office.

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