Blue turbo snail - Celetaia persculpta

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Blue turbo snail (freshwater)

Appearance of the blue turbosnail (freshwater)

The freshwater blue turbosnail is characterized by a robust, spherical shell that shimmers in various shades of blue and green. These snails are popular because of their attractive appearance and their ability to effectively control algae in the aquarium.

Keeping the blue turbo snail (freshwater)

This type of turbo snail is relatively easy to care for, but requires clean, well-circulated water and a stable freshwater aquarium. They contribute to the natural cleaning of the tank and are particularly useful for controlling algae.

Socialization of the blue turbo snail (freshwater)

The blue turbo snail is a peaceful species and can be kept well with various species of fish and other freshwater invertebrates. Its calm nature makes it a suitable addition to community aquariums.

Diet of the blue turbo snail (freshwater)

The main food source of these turbo snails is algae. They graze algae from rocks, glass and decorations in the aquarium. A balanced diet contributes to their health.

Tank design for the blue turbo snail (freshwater)

A freshwater aquarium for these turbo snails should provide a variety of structures and surfaces for algae growth. Good water circulation and regular cleaning are crucial to ensure a healthy living environment for the snails.

lat. Name: Celetaia Persculpta
German. Name: Blue turbo snail
Appearance: blue to green shaded shell with coils and deep grooves
Size: up to 4 cm
Age: unknown

very peaceful

can be socialized with peaceful fish, shrimps, crabs and other snails (if the water values match)

Reproduction: possible in fresh water
Diet: Growth or snail food
Difficulty Suitable for beginners and advanced keepers

Requirements & water values:

Min. aquarium requirements We recommend a tank of at least 40 L
Water temperature 25 - 29 °C
pH value 6.5 - 8.5 mol/l
Carbonate hardness (KH) 4 - 16 ° dGh
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