Black Tiger Shrimp OE - Caridina cantonensis

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Caridina Dwarf Shrimp - Black Tiger Shrimp OE

Appearance of the Black Tiger Shrimp OE shrimp

This Caridina shrimp, known as the Black Tiger Shrimp OE, stands out with its bright black coloration, which is particularly striking in aquariums. These shrimp species are known for their varied and intense colors, which stand out beautifully against the translucent body. They are a visual highlight and attract attention in any aquarium.

Breeding the Black Tiger shrimp OE shrimp

Breeding the Black Tiger shrimp OE shrimp requires a little more experience and care than with Neocaridina species. Caridina shrimps require very specific water parameters and a stable environment. Breeding them can be a challenge, but with patience and attention to detail it can be successful. Differentiating the sexes is essential for experienced breeders.

Socialization of the Black Tiger shrimp OE shrimp

Caridina shrimps are peaceful, but due to their specific needs they should be carefully socialized with other species. They are best suited to specialized shrimp aquariums or in combination with other small, calm species that prefer similar water conditions.

Food for the Black Tiger shrimp OE shrimp

The diet of the black tiger shrimp OE shrimp is somewhat more demanding than that of other shrimp species. They require a balanced and varied diet that includes shrimp food, plant food and proteins. A correctly composed diet is crucial for their health and maintaining their vibrant colors.

Tank design for the Black Tiger shrimp OE shrimp

An aquarium for the Black Tiger Shrimp OE shrimp should be carefully designed to create optimal conditions. Hiding places and natural elements such as plants and roots are important. A specially matched substrate and regular monitoring of the water parameters are essential to meet the more demanding needs of Caridina shrimps.

lat. Name: Caridina cantonensis
German. German name: Black Tiger Shrimp OE

black and white body with tiger pattern

orange eyes

Size: up to 3 cm
Age: up to 2 years
Behavior: very peaceful, can be socialized with peaceful shrimps, fish and snails (if the water values match)
Reproduction: Females release between 20 and 40 independent young every four to six weeks
Diet: Mainly plant-based, occasionally protein food
Difficulty Suitable for beginners and advanced keepers

Requirements & water values:

Min. aquarium requirements We recommend a tank of at least 20 L
Suitable substrate Shrimp gravel
Temperature 20 - 24 °C
pH value 5.8 - 6.8 mol/l
Total hardness (GH) 4 - 6 ° dGh
Carbonate hardness (KH) 0 - 2 ° dGh
Conductance for osmosis water approx. 100 - 200 µS
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