Batik racing snail - Neritina Variegata

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Batik racing snail (Neritina variegata)

Appearance of the batik racing snail (Neritina variegata)

The batik racer snail, Neritina variegata, is known for its eye-catching shell, which is often decorated with a complex pattern of different colors and shapes. The patterns are reminiscent of batik fabrics, with abstract and multicolored designs that make each snail unique.

Keeping the batik racing snail (Neritina variegata)

Neritina variegata is an easy-to-care-for snail species that prefers clean, well-circulated water. It is ideal for planted aquariums and is effective in controlling algae. Stable water quality and regular cleaning are important for their health.

Association of the batik racer snail (Neritina variegata)

The batik racer snail is peaceful and can be kept well with various fish species and other invertebrates. Their quiet and reserved nature makes them an ideal addition to community aquariums.

Diet of the batik racer snail (Neritina variegata)

Neritina variegata feeds mainly on algae and biofilm, which it grazes from surfaces in the aquarium. In aquaria with low algae growth, its diet can be supplemented with special snail food or vegetables.

Tank design for the batik racing snail (Neritina variegata)

A suitable aquarium for Neritina variegata should be rich in plants and provide plenty of surfaces for algae growth. A varied environment with stones, roots and plants provides optimum living conditions. Regular monitoring of the water quality is recommended to ensure a healthy living environment.

lat. Name: Neritina Variegata
German. Name: Batik racing snail
Appearance: Shell yellow/brown/orange with dark thin/thick dots/stripes
Size: up to 3 cm
Age: up to 15 years

very peaceful

can be socialized with peaceful fish, shrimps, crabs and other snails (if the water values match)

Reproduction: not possible in freshwater
Diet: Growth or snail food
Difficulty Suitable for beginners and advanced keepers

Requirements & water values:

Min. aquarium requirements We recommend a tank of at least 50 L
Water temperature 22 - 28 °C
pH value > 6.5 mol/l
Carbonate hardness (KH) > 3 ° dGh
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