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Shrimps for theaquarium are a fascinating way to enrich your aquarium. At Rendo-Shrimp you will find a diverse selection of shrimp species that are suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarists. Whether you want to buy shrimp to help control algae or simply to enhance the beauty of your aquarium, we have the right shrimp for your needs.

Why shrimp in the aquarium?

Shrimpin the aquarium offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice among aquarists. Their unique colors and patterns make them real eye-catchers in any tank. They are also useful helpers in combating algae, as many species eat algae and waste products. Their calm behavior and easy maintenance also make them ideal inhabitants for community aquariums.

Unique colors and patterns

Shrimp are available in an impressive variety of colors and patterns. From bright red and blue to transparent and patterned varieties - they are real gems in the aquarium.

Useful helpers for algae control

Many shrimp species feed on algae and thus contribute to the cleanliness and health of the aquarium. The Amano shrimp in particular is known for its effectiveness in combating algae.

Calm behavior and easy care

Shrimps are peaceful animals that harmonize well with other aquarium inhabitants. They are comparatively easy to care for as long as the water parameters are right and there are enough hiding places.

Popular shrimp species for your aquarium

Shrimps not only bring color and life to your aquarium, but also contribute to the biological balance. Here are some of the most popular shrimp species that are ideal for different aquariums:

Neocaridina davidi (e.g. Red Fire, Blue Dream)

This shrimp species is known for its robustness and adaptability. Neocaridina davidi, also known as Red Fire or Blue Dream, are ideal starter shrimps. Their bright colors, such as red, blue and orange, make them real eye-catchers in the aquarium. They are relatively easy to care for and cope well with different water parameters.

Caridina cantonensis (e.g. Crystal Red, Taiwan Bee)

Caridina cantonensis includes some of the most spectacular and colorful shrimp species. Crystal Red and Taiwan Bee shrimps are particularly popular because of their striking patterns and colors. However, these shrimp require a little more care and specific water parameters to thrive. They are therefore more suitable for experienced aquarists.

Amano shrimps (Caridina multidentata)

Amano shrimps are famous for their algae-eating abilities and are often used in planted tanks. These shrimps are larger than many other species and are extremely effective at controlling algae and waste. Amano shrimp are also peaceful and easy to care for, making them an excellent addition to any aquarium.

The right care for shrimps in the aquarium

Caring for shrimp in an aquarium is relatively straightforward, but requires some basic knowledge and adherence to certain water parameters. Here are the most important aspects of shrimp care:

Water parameters and their importance

Shrimps are sensitive to changes in water quality. It is important to ensure stable water parameters, including temperature, pH, and hardness. Most shrimp species prefer slightly acidic to neutral water and temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Regular water changes and good filtration are crucial to maintain optimal water quality.

Food and diet

Shrimps are omnivores and need a balanced diet. In the wild, they eat algae, biofilm and plant debris. In the aquarium they should be fed with special shrimp food, vegetables (such as zucchinis and spinach) and occasionally protein food (such as artemia or mosquito larvae). A varied diet promotes the health and color intensity of the shrimp.

Hiding places and plants

Shrimps need plenty of hiding places, especially during the moulting phase when they are particularly vulnerable. Aquarium plants, roots and special shrimp hiding places provide the necessary protection. Plants such as moss and fine-leaved species are ideal, as they also serve as a source of food and support the biological balance in the aquarium.

Buying shrimps - what you should look out for

When buying shrimps, there are some important aspects to consider to ensure that you get healthy and long-lived animals for your aquarium. Here are the most important points you should consider:

Health status and behavior of the shrimp

We place the highest value on healthy and fit animals. Our shrimps are checked several times a day to ensure that they are active and healthy. Healthy shrimp move around a lot, show vibrant colors and have no visible injuries or signs of disease. Thanks to our careful monitoring, we can guarantee all our customers healthy and agile animals.

Origin and breeding conditions

We obtain most of our shrimps from Taiwan from our breeder EbiTengu. By working closely with EbiTengu, we are constantly working to keep the quality of our animals at the highest level. Our shrimps are sustainably bred and are robust and well adapted to the conditions in the aquarium. In this way, we also contribute to the preservation of natural stocks.

Transport and acclimatization

We have taken many measures to ensure that the shrimps arrive safely in our customers' aquariums. We double-pack all animals in transport bags with sufficient water and air. The shrimps are then placed in high-quality polystyrene boxes. In winter, we also add a free heat pack to maintain the temperature. This careful packaging ensures that the shrimps survive transportation safely and without stress.

Frequently asked questions about shrimps in the aquarium

Here are some of the most common questions aquarists ask about shrimp in the aquarium:

Which shrimps are suitable for beginners?

Neocaridina species such as Red Fire or Blue Dream are particularly suitable for beginners. These shrimps are robust, adaptable and easy to care for. They tolerate a wide range of water parameters and are less susceptible to diseases.

Can shrimps be kept with fish?

Yes, shrimps can usually be kept with peaceful fish. However, it is important to ensure that the fish are not too large and do not chase or eat shrimp. Small fish such as dwarf danios, guppies or certain types of catfish are good companions. There should be sufficient hiding places so that the shrimps feel safe.

How do shrimps reproduce in the aquarium?

Reproduction of shrimps in the aquarium is relatively easy under good conditions. Neocaridina shrimps, such as the Red Fire, reproduce frequently and easily. Females carry the fertilized eggs under their abdomen and after about three to four weeks the young shrimps hatch. For successful breeding, it is important that there are no predators in the aquarium and that there are sufficient hiding places and food for the young animals.

Shrimps and co. - more than just shrimps

In addition to our diverse shrimp species, we also offer a selection of other fascinating aquarium inhabitants that can enrich your aquarium. Discover our range of snails and dwarf crayfish as well as the right food and accessories for your shrimp and co.

Snails and their advantages in the aquarium

Snails are not only interesting and useful aquarium inhabitants, but also true masters of cleaning. They help to remove algae and waste products, thereby contributing to the cleanliness and health of the aquarium. Popular species such as tower cover snails, post horn snails and racing snails are easy to care for and also offer a fascinating sight.

Dwarf crayfish and how to keep them

Dwarf crayfish are an interesting addition to many aquariums. Species such as the orange dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus patzcuarensis) are small, colorful and relatively easy to keep. However, they need plenty of hiding places and a well-structured aquarium to feel comfortable. Dwarf crayfish can coexist peacefully with shrimps and small fish as long as there is enough space and hiding places.

Food and accessories for shrimps and co.

A balanced diet is crucial for the health and color intensity of your shrimp and other aquarium inhabitants. At Rendo-Shrimp, we offer a variety of special foods that are tailored to the needs of shrimps, snails and dwarf crayfish. You will also find a selection of accessories such as hiding places, plants and water care products that promote the well-being of your aquarium inhabitants.

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At Rendo-Shrimp you can buy shrimps online and benefit from our comprehensive service. We attach great importance to quality and customer satisfaction and offer you a first-class shopping experience.

Our quality guarantee

We guarantee that all our shrimps will arrive healthy and vital. By carefully selecting and regularly checking our animals, we ensure that you only receive the best shrimp. However, should any problems arise, our customer support team is always available to help.

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Our online store is designed to be user-friendly so that you can find and order your desired shrimp and accessories quickly and easily. We ensure safe and fast delivery so that your shrimp arrive safely and stress-free. Take advantage of our convenient payment options and benefit from our fast shipping.

Customer support and advice

If you have any questions about keeping and caring for shrimps, we will be happy to help you with our specialist knowledge. Our customer support can be reached by email, via the contact form or in live chat and will help you with all your concerns. We also offer detailed advice to ensure that you find the right shrimp and accessories for your aquarium.