Scaper's Flow - Hangon filter

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Scaper's Flow - Hangon filter

Discover the Dennerle Scaper's Flow - the powerful hangon filter specially developed for aquascaping and nano aquariums. This compact and efficient filter ensures excellent water quality and a healthy aquarium environment for your fish and plants.

Features and benefits:

  • Compact design: the Dennerle Scaper's Flow was developed to fit into small to medium-sized aquariums without compromising the aesthetic appearance. Its space-saving and unobtrusive design makes it easy to integrate into your aquarium layout.
  • Efficient filtration: The Hangon filter combines mechanical and biological filtration to effectively remove suspended solids, pollutants and unwanted substances from the water.
  • Adjustable water flow: Simply adjust the water flow to the needs of your aquarium ecosystem. The Dennerle Scaper's Flow offers an adjustable flow rate of up to 360 liters per hour to ensure an optimal flow and oxygen supply.
  • Quiet and energy-efficient: Thanks to its quiet running noise and low energy consumption, the Dennerle Scaper's Flow is ideal for use in living spaces. With a power consumption of just 5.6 watts, you save energy and protect the environment.
  • Easy maintenance: The Hangon filter is easy to dismantle, clean and maintain. The filter media are interchangeable and can be easily replaced if necessary.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 280 x 190 x 150 mm

Technical data:

  • Power 5.6 W
  • Max. pump capacity 360 l/h
  • Plug type C - 2 pin (Europlug)

Invest in the Dennerle Scaper's Flow Hangon filter to improve the water quality in your aquascape and create a healthy and harmonious environment for your aquarium inhabitants. Order now and experience the difference!

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