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Mud tube worms (Tubifex) - High-quality live food for shrimp and fish

Mudtube worms, also known as tubifex, are a high-quality live food that plays an essential role in the diet of shrimp and many fish species . They are particularly known for their ability to promote natural feeding habits in the aquarium .

Nutritional value and benefits

These worms are rich in protein and essential fatty acids, making them an optimal food for promoting the growth, health and color intensity of aquarium inhabitants. They are particularly popular with bottom feeders and provide an interesting feeding activity.

Sustainable and safe feeding

We obtain our mud tube worms from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources. They are bred under controlled conditions to ensure safety and quality and to minimize the risk of disease transmission.

Tips for use

For feeding, we recommend using mud tube worms sparingly and regularly as part of a balanced diet. They can be added directly to the aquarium and provide a natural and interactive feeding experience.

Further information

Find out more about mud tube worms and other live foods on our food category page.

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