Microsorum - Anubias 'Duet'

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Microsorum pteropus and Anubias barteri var. caladiifolia on XL root.Microsorum pteropus is an aquatic fern from Asia that should be grown on a root or a stone, fixed with nylon cord until it has grown firmly. If it is planted in the substrate, the rhizome must not be covered, otherwise it will rot. It can be easily propagated by dividing the horizontal rootstock (rhizome). An undemanding plant that grows under all conditions and reaches a height of 15-30 cm. The black spots that form on the underside of the leaves are spore containers (propagation organs) and not a disease as is often assumed.Anubias barteri var. caladiifolia comes from an Australian tissue culture laboratory. A very beautiful variety with light green heart-shaped leaves. As the leaves live for several years, it can form large groups despite its slow growth. A group of Anubias barteri var. caladiifolia that becomes more than 50 cm wide within a few years is not uncommon.


Standort: Mittelgrund
Herkunft: Kultivar
Wachstum: langsam
Höhe: bis zu 20 cm
Lichtbedarf: niedrig
CO2: niedrig
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