Innovative Aquaristic Solutions by ShrimpPuddle Now Available at Rendo-Shrimp

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Innovative Aquaristic Solutions by ShrimpPuddle Now Available at Rendo-Shrimp - New ShrimpPuddle Products at Rendo-Shrimp - Innovation in Aquaristics

ShrimpPuddle Products Now New at Rendo-Shrimp

It is great that you are so interested in our new Shrimp Puddle products. A lot has happened at Rendo-Shrimp last year; we gave our shop a new look and added many new products to our range.

However, we have a lot planned this year too and are always looking for new innovative articles that make aquaristics easier and more beautiful. But of course, they also bring joy and fun to our little dwarf shrimp and dwarf crayfish.

A few weeks ago, we had contact with Nils from ShrimpPuddle for the first time and were immediately enthusiastic about his rethought aquaristic products.

But who could explain the concept and the idea behind it better than Nils? So, we prefer to let him introduce himself and his company:

Rethinking Aquaristic Products

That's our motto at ShrimpPuddle.

Hi, my name is Nils Crößmann and I am the owner of ShrimpPuddle.
This year, after great success on YouTube, ShrimpPuddle has taken the next step
and we are now producing our own products. Currently, we are focusing on
sustainable 3D printed products in the technology and decor sectors. And more is to come in the future!
All the PLA plastics used here are 100% food-safe and
made from over 90% renewable resources like cornstarch. PLA is even
degradable in industrial biological processes, unlike PETG.

Our biggest advantage is our huge community with over 10,000 subscribers just on
YouTube alone. We develop products with the ideas and wishes of the community
together and take them through every step in the videos. This has the great advantage
that we can incorporate a lot of feedback into the products and accommodate many special

With our products, we want to demonstrate the possibilities of 3D printing for aquaristics
and show that they do not have to look like classic 3D prints, while being
very affordable at the same time.

We are always open to suggestions and hope that you enjoy the products as much as we do.

Best regards, Nils from ShrimpPuddle

... thank you very much for presenting your products and the ideas behind them.

If you have become curious, you can find all the products available so far in our shop. It's best to visit the manufacturer's page of ShrimpPuddle at Rendo-Shrimp.