InVitro Mix - 4 pieces

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InVitro Mix - 4 pieces: Perfect for your creative aquarium design

The InVitro Mix - 4 pieces offers a carefully selected collection of InVitro plants, ideal for a unique and splendid design of your underwater world. This set contains:

  • 1 Anubias barteri nana 'Petite': a compact and slow-growing plant that is ideal for the foreground and provides a nice contrast to other plants.
  • 1 Alternanthera reineckii 'Lilacina': An eye-catching plant with purple leaves that provides color accents in the middle or background.
  • 1 Eleocharis parvula: A fine and low-growing grass species, perfect as ground cover and for the foreground.
  • 1 Ludwigia sp. 'Super Mini Red': A small Ludwigia species with intense red leaves that is ideal for creating colorful accents in the middle or background.

Innovative aquascaping possibilities

This InVitro Mix provides you with a diverse range of plants that are perfect for innovative aquascaping projects. Each plant has its own unique characteristics and colors, allowing you to creatively and individually design your underwater landscape.

High-quality InVitro plants

InVitro plants are known for their high quality as they are grown in sterile conditions. This means they are free from pests and diseases, making them a healthy and safe choice for your aquarium.

Perfect for different aquariums

Whether you have a small nano tank or a larger aquarium, the InVitro Mix is versatile. The plants are adaptable and suitable for a variety of water conditions and aquarium sizes.

Instructions for use

When setting up your aquarium, make sure to place each plant according to its specific light and soil requirements. Regular maintenance, such as pruning and fertilizing, is recommended to promote optimal plant growth and health.

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