Aquarium filters - Optimum water quality for your aquarium

An aquarium filter is a crucial component of any aquarium equipment to ensure water quality and the well-being of the aquarium inhabitants. Aquarium filter technology ensures that the water remains clean and free of pollutants by combining mechanical, biological and chemical filtration processes. At Rendo-Shrimp we offer a wide range of filters to suit different needs and aquarium sizes.

Types of aquarium filters

There are different types of aquarium filters, each with their own advantages and areas of application.

Internal filters are compact and easy to install. They are installed directly in the aquarium and are particularly suitable for smaller tanks. They often combine mechanical and biological filtration and are easily accessible for maintenance.

External filters are more powerful and offer a higher filtration capacity. They are installed outside the aquarium and are suitable for larger aquariums. External filters offer space for various filter media and are particularly effective at cleaning the water.

Sponge filters are simple and inexpensive. They are well suited for small aquariums and quarantine tanks. Sponge filters provide a large surface area for beneficial bacteria and are ideal for biological filtration.

Bottom filters are special filters that are installed under the substrate. They draw water through the substrate, which contributes to biological filtration and keeps the substrate clean. Bottom filters are particularly suitable for aquariums with plants.

HMF (Hamburg Mat Filter) is a biological filter that is placed in a corner of the aquarium. It uses a large foam mat through which the water is drawn. HMF provides effective biological filtration and is easy to maintain.

Advantages of the different filter types

Each type of aquarium filter has specific advantages that make it more suitable for certain aquarium scenarios and inhabitants.

Efficiency and performance: External filters are known for their high performance and efficiency and are ideal for large aquariums where intensive filtration is required. Internal filters offer a good balance of performance and compactness for small to medium sized tanks. Sponge and bottom filters are particularly effective in smaller or densely planted aquariums, as they work gently and do not stir up the substrate.

Space requirements and installation: Internal filters save space inside the aquarium and are easy to install, making them ideal for beginners. External filters require space outside the aquarium, but offer greater flexibility in media selection and more powerful filtration. Sponge filters and HMFs are extremely space-saving and easy to set up, making them ideal for breeding and quarantine tanks.

Ease of maintenance: External filters are designed to be easily accessible and allow easy maintenance of the filter media. Internal filters need to be cleaned regularly, but are easy to maintain due to their accessibility. Sponge filters and HMFs are particularly easy to maintain as they only need to be cleaned sporadically and are very robust.

What you should look out for when choosing an aquarium filter

Choosing the right aquarium filter depends on various factors that should be carefully considered to ensure optimum water quality and a healthy aquarium environment.

Size and capacity of the aquarium: The capacity of the filter should be matched to the size of your aquarium. A filter that is too small will not be able to clean the water effectively, while an oversized filter will consume energy unnecessarily and could stress the aquarium inhabitants due to strong currents.

Aquarium inhabitants' needs: Some aquarium inhabitants, such as certain species of fish or invertebrates, require specific types of filter. For example, fish that live in water with strong currents prefer filters that enable strong water circulation.

Filter media and accessories: The type of filter media can have a major impact on the effectiveness of filtration. Some filters offer more flexibility in media selection, allowing you to customize filtration to specific water parameters or pollutants. Additionally, you should consider whether the filter has useful accessories, such as integrated heaters or UV sterilizers, which can further improve water quality.

Care of the filter technology

Regular maintenance of the aquarium filter technology is crucial to ensure optimum performance and longevity of the filter. Thorough cleaning and regular replacement of the filter media are necessary to maintain the efficiency of the filtration.

Filter media should be checked regularly for contamination and cleaned or replaced if necessary. Mechanical filter media, such as sponges and fleeces, catch dirt particles and should be rinsed out regularly to prevent blockages. Biological filter media provide space for beneficial bacteria that break down pollutants and should be carefully maintained so as not to disturb the bacterial colonies. Chemical filter media, such as activated carbon, remove specific contaminants from the water and should be replaced regularly to maintain their effectiveness.

Checking the filter components is also important. Hoses and connections should be checked regularly for leaks and wear. Pump performance should be checked regularly to ensure that the filter is working properly. If necessary, defective parts should be replaced immediately to avoid major damage.

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