EbiTengu Selection

Welcome to the world of EbiTengu Selection

The EbiTengu Selection is our premium category, which includes a hand-picked selection of the finest Caridina and Neocaridina shrimp breeds. In close cooperation with our experienced breeder EbiTengu from Taiwan, we bring you an exclusive collection of high breeders and new breeding varieties that will enrich any aquarium collection.

Exclusivity and variety of the EbiTengu Selection

Each shrimp in the EbiTengu Selection represents the pinnacle of shrimp breeding and stands for exceptional color variety, unique patterns and the highest health standards. These carefully selected shrimps are the result of years of breeding expertise and passion for aquaristics, making them true jewels in any aquarium.

Highly bred and new breeding varieties

Whether you opt for the soft colors of a Caridina or the vibrant tones of a Neocaridina, every shrimp from the EbiTengu Selection is a tribute to the beauty and diversity of the underwater world. With constant new breeds and rare varieties, this category offers something special for every aquarium enthusiast.

The outstanding shrimps in our EbiTengu Selection include, among others:

  • Caridina Blue Bolt - Known for their bright blue hues.
  • Caridina Red Ruby - Impresses with its deep red coloration and bold patterns.
  • Neocaridina Blue Dream - A vivid blue Neocaridina that will brighten up any aquarium.
  • Neocaridina Bloody Mary - A real eye-catcher with its intense red color.

Quality and health

Each shrimp from the EbiTengu Selection is bred under strict health standards and carefully selected to ensure that you receive only the best and healthiest animals. The combination of high-quality breeding and intensive care guarantees shrimps that are robust and vital.

Care and husbandry

Caring for shrimp from the EbiTengu Selection requires attention and dedication to maintain their beauty and health. Here are some important tips for successful keeping:

1. water quality: ensure clean, well-filtered water. Regular water changes and monitoring of water parameters are crucial.

2. diet: A varied diet with special shrimp food, vegetables and occasional proteins ensures healthy and colorful shrimp.

3. hiding places: Provide plenty of hiding places with plants, stones and decorations to keep the shrimp safe and comfortable.

Why EbiTengu Selection?

By choosing a shrimp from the EbiTengu Selection, you are not only supporting your own passion for aquaristics, but also innovative and sustainable shrimp breeding. The close cooperation with our breeder EbiTengu guarantees you access to the latest and most exclusive breeding varieties.

These premium shrimps are not only a visual highlight, but also contribute to the biological diversity and stability of your aquarium. Their colors and patterns make them living works of art that enrich your underwater landscape.

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