Discover the Exotic White Zebra Sulawesi - Caridina sp.

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Discover the Exotic White Zebra Sulawesi - Caridina sp. - Discover the Exotic White Zebra Sulawesi - Caridina sp.

Discover the Exotic White Zebra Sulawesi - Caridina sp.


In the fascinating ecosystem of the Malili Lakes in Sulawesi, surrounded by numerous small rivers, aquarists discover a very special beauty: the White Zebra Sulawesi Shrimp (Caridina sp.). This exotic dwarf shrimp species, currently available exclusively in Germany through Rendo-Shrimp, captivates aquarists with its unique appearance and interesting behaviors.

Ecological Background

The White Zebra Sulawesi Shrimp originates from the diverse waters of the Malili Lake system. This complex network of rivers and lakes provides ideal conditions for the development of unique shrimp species. Since the exact origin of these shrimps within the system cannot be pinpointed, their mysterious origin adds to their allure.

Water Parameters and Care

Ideal Water Parameters:

  • pH Level: 7 to 9
  • General Hardness (GH): 4 to 12
  • Carbonate Hardness (KH): 4 to 12
  • Temperature: 24 to 30°C

It is important to note that White Zebra Sulawesi Shrimp are sensitive to low temperatures. Unlike other Caridina and Neocaridina species, they prefer a warmer climate that corresponds to the natural conditions of their habitat.

Ease of Keeping Compared to Other Sulawesi Shrimps

Compared to other Sulawesi shrimp species, the White Zebra Sulawesi stands out for its remarkable adaptability. They are relatively easy to care for and can tolerate conditions similar to those preferred by the popular Neocaridina shrimp. These characteristics make them an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced aquarists alike.


This shrimp species shows a distinct preference for animal-based foods. Although they occasionally feed on plant material, a diet rich in protein-rich foods is beneficial for their health and growth. In the Rendo-Shrimp online shop, you will find a variety of specially formulated foods to meet the needs of exotic shrimps.

Exclusivity and Availability

The White Zebra Sulawesi Shrimp is a rarity in aquaristics and is currently only available at Rendo-Shrimp. This exclusivity offers a unique opportunity for shrimp enthusiasts to add an extraordinary species to their collection.


With their impressive coloration and relatively easy care requirements, White Zebra Sulawesi Shrimp make an exciting and enriching addition to any freshwater aquarium. Their adaptability and ease of care make them ideal for anyone looking to enhance their aquarium with a special species. Take the opportunity to discover and care for this exquisite species, and visit the Rendo-Shrimp online shop to learn more about our specialized foods and care products.

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Jirasak P., 18.05.24 16:33

Ich habe diese neue Art seit ein paar Wochen und halte sie mit meinen Neo Red Rilis zusammen. Es gibt kaum Informationen zu diesen Garnelen und so muss man sich, wie früher Selbstforschung anstellen. Zumindest vertragen sie mein Berliner Betonwasser recht gut, 24,5 °C, pH 7,5 bei 350 - 480 ppm und mit Montmorillonit behandeltes Wasser. Geschlechtsunterschiede konnte nach der Zeit bestimmt werden, da die weiblichen Tiere bulliger wirken, nicht durchgängig bis zum Schwanzfächer weiß sind und der Sattel (dunkelbraun) sich kaum von der Farbe der inneren Organe unterscheidet. Bilder bei Twitter @godspell2523.