Dennerle Nano Care Set 3x15ml

Complete set: water conditioner, daily fertilizer, Crusta-Fit
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The Dennerle NANO CARE SET is a true all-rounder and, for us, belongs in every aquarist's inventory. It consists of:

Nano water conditioner

  • with special protective formula for shrimps and crayfish
  • Neutralizes dangerous chlorine immediately
  • Binds toxic heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead
  • Adds natural bio-active ingredients and care substances

Nano daily fertilizer

  • Supplements quickly depleted nutrients and trace elements on a daily basis
  • Specially tailored to the sensitive nutrient situation of mini aquariums
  • Intensifies red leaf color, enhances attractive leaf markings

Nano Custa-Fit

  • Vital nutrients and trace elements
  • For health and intensely bright colors
  • With bioactive calcium for problem-free moulting Nano Crusta Mineral
  • With natural montmorillonite clay, plus bioactive calcium and magnesium
  • For problem-free moulting, healthy growth and a strong exoskeleton
  • To enhance the white coloration of all Caridina and Neocaridina species


Daily fertilizer K-fertilizer solution 0.3 for fertilizing ornamental plants in aquaria 0.3 % K2O water-soluble potassium oxide. Trace nutrients: 0.006% B boron; 0.0002% Co cobalt; 0.0007% Cu copper; 0.092% Fe iron; 0.001% Li lithium; 0.091% MgO magnesium oxide; 0.036% Mn manganese; 0.004% Mo molybdenum; 0.0002% Ni nickel; 0.0005% Va vanadium; 0.0007% Zn zinc; HEDTA; DTPA; EDTA; NTA.

Store at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Dosage Daily fertilizer: 1 drop per 10L aquarium water daily

Contents: 1 piece

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Praktisches Komplettset
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Praktisches Komplettset

Perfektes Starter-Paket ins Aquarianer-Leben. Platzsparend und effektiv um die optimale Haltungsbedingungen zu schaffen und zu wahren.

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