Common water fleas - Daphnia

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Common water fleas (Daphnia) - Popular live food for aquarium inhabitants

Common waterfleas(Daphnia) are a popular live food in the aquarium hobby, known for their nutrient density and promotion of natural feeding habits. They are ideal for dwarf shrimps, small fish and other invertebrates.

Nutritional value and benefits

Daphnia are an excellent source of protein and contain essential vitamins and minerals. They help to promote digestive health and support the immune system of aquarium inhabitants. Their movement in the water stimulates the animals' natural hunting instinct.

Feeding recommendations

Common water fleas can easily be added to the aquarium, where they will immediately attract the attention of your shrimp and fish. They should be offered as part of a balanced diet to avoid overfeeding.

Sustainability and quality

Our daphnia come from controlled farms that use environmentally friendly practices. This ensures that they are free from contaminants and pathogens, ensuring the health of your aquarium inhabitants.

Additional resources

For more information on common water fleas and other live food options, visit our food category page.

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Etwas wenig
4 from 5
Etwas wenig

Wenig große Daphnien enthalten.
4 from 5
Wenig große Daphnien enthalten.

Ehrlich gesagt habe ich mir in der Packung doch mehr von den größeren Daphnien vorgestellt. Es waren insgesamt nicht viele vorhanden.

Seit einer Woche wohnen sie nun in meinem Aquarium. Sie sind sehr agil und lustig anzuschauen.

Schönes Futter
5 from 5
Schönes Futter

Wird gut angenommen, bleiben eine ganze Weile erhalten und leben zusammen mit den Garnelen weiter

Total entries: 3
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