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Brown walnut leaves 5 pieces: The natural secret weapon for your dwarf shrimps

Would you like to promote the well-being of your dwarf shrimp in a natural way? The brown walnut leaves, available in a handy set of 5 at Rendo-Shrimp, are exactly what you need! These leaves are a true gift from nature, rich in healing properties that can boost the immune system and lower the stress levels of your aquarium inhabitants.

Walnut leaves are known to release a variety of health-promoting substances, including tannins, which have antibacterial and antifungal effects. This makes them an excellent natural means of preventing disease, especially in sensitive invertebrates such as dwarf shrimp.

Additionally, these leaves provide an excellent addition to your shrimp's diet as they act as a food source and aid digestion as they slowly decompose in the aquarium. The microfauna that shrimp feed on will also benefit from the leaves, resulting in a more balanced and healthy ecosystem.

The application is very simple: rinse the walnut leaves and place them directly in your aquarium. They will gradually sink and begin to release their valuable substances. Your shrimps and other invertebrates will soon become active and explore the leaves as they instinctively seek out the natural ingredients.

Treat your dwarf shrimps and other invertebrates to the natural power of walnut leaves. Order your set now from Rendo-Shrimp and watch your aquarium thrive!

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Walnuss (Braun)
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Walnuss (Braun)

Keine Ahnung wie es tatsächlich schmeckt aber die Garnelchen stürzen sich nach ein paar Tagen drauf und lassen nix über.

Schöne große Blätter
5 from 5
Schöne große Blätter

Meine Garnelen wissen leider noch nix mit anzufangen . Aber abwarten

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