Brown post horn snail - Planorbarius Corneus

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Brown post horn snail (Planorbarius corneus)

Appearance of the brown post horn snail (Planorbarius corneus)

The brown post horn snail, Planorbarius corneus, is known for its characteristic, spirally coiled shell, which usually appears in various shades of brown. This snail species is popular because of its striking shell and its effectiveness in controlling algae in aquariums.

Keeping the brown post horn snail (Planorbarius corneus)

Planorbarius corneus is an undemanding and easy-to-care-for snail species that prefers clean water and regular water changes. It thrives particularly well in planted aquariums where it finds sufficient food and hiding places.

Socialization of the brown post horn snail (Planorbarius corneus)

This species of post horn snail is peaceful and can be kept together with many types of fish and other invertebrates without any problems. Their calm nature makes them an ideal choice for community aquariums.

Diet of the brown post horn snail (Planorbarius corneus)

Planorbarius corneus feeds mainly on algae, dead plant matter and biofilm. In aquaria with low algae growth, their diet can be supplemented with special snail food or vegetables.

Tank design for the brown post horn snail (Planorbarius corneus)

A suitable aquarium for Planorbarius corneus should be rich in plants and provide plenty of surfaces for algae growth. A soft substrate and plenty of hiding places are recommended. Regular water quality checks are important to ensure a healthy living environment.

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