Brine shrimp - Artemia

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Brine shrimp (Artemia) in the aquarium hobby - nutritional value and importance

Brineshrimp (Artemia) are an extremely popular live food in the aquarium hobby, known for their high nutrient content and ability to promote the health and growth of aquarium inhabitants.

Nutritional value and importance

Artemia are an excellent source of protein and contain important fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They are particularly useful for rearing young fish and shrimp as they support their development and growth.

Feeding and use

Brine shrimp are easy to feed and can be added directly to the aquarium. Their lively movement in the water encourages the hunting instinct and natural feeding behavior of the aquarium inhabitants.

Quality and sustainability

Our brine shrimp come from controlled and sustainable farms. They are bred under strict health and environmental standards to ensure high quality and safety.

Additional resources

For more information on brine shrimp and other types of live foods, visit our food category page.

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