Aquariums - diversity for your home

An aquarium is more than just a container for fish and plants - it is a small ecosystem that brings life and nature into your home. Whether you want to buy a large aquarium or a space-saving nano aquarium, at Rendo-Shrimp you will find the right solution for your needs. Aquariums not only provide a way to relax and observe nature, but also help to improve air quality and create a calming environment.

Types of aquariums

There are many different types of aquariums, varying in size, shape and material. Among the most popular are standard aquariums and nano aquariums. Standard aquariums are usually rectangular and made of glass. They offer plenty of space for a variety of fish, plants and decorations. These aquariums are ideal for larger living spaces and offer numerous design options.

Nano aquariums, on the other hand, are more compact and are perfect for smaller rooms or as an addition to existing aquariums. They are ideal for keeping shrimps, small fish and plants. Thanks to their small size, nano aquariums are easy to maintain and still offer the opportunity to create a fascinating underwater world.

Aquariums are available in various shapes, with rectangular and cube-shaped designs being the most common. Rectangular aquariums offer more swimming space for fish and a larger area for decoration. Cube-shaped aquariums, on the other hand, are more compact and offer a unique perspective on the underwater world.

Buying the right aquarium for shrimps

When buying an aquarium for shrimps, there are specific requirements that should be taken into account in order to create an optimal environment for your shrimps. Shrimps are sensitive animals that require clean water and stable water parameters.

A nano aquarium is often the best choice for shrimp as it is compact in size and easy to maintain. These smaller aquariums allow you to create a densely planted environment that provides shelter and hiding places for the shrimp. Make sure the aquarium is well filtered and has a gentle current, as shrimp prefer clean water but do not like strong currents.

When setting up a shrimp aquarium, certain plants and accessories are particularly recommended. Moss types such as Java moss and Christmas moss are ideal, as they offer the shrimps additional hiding places and keep the water clean at the same time. Fine-leaved plants such as waterweed and cabomba are also suitable as they provide protection for the shrimps and improve the water quality.

In addition to plants, you should also integrate special shrimp hiding places, such as small caves or clay tubes, into the aquarium. These hiding places are particularly important during the moulting phase, as the shrimps are very vulnerable during this time.

Care and maintenance of aquariums

Proper care and maintenance of an aquarium is crucial to ensure a healthy and stable environment for your aquarium inhabitants. Regular water changes are essential to maintain the water quality. It is recommended to change around 20-30% of the water every week to remove pollutants and promote the health of the fish and plants.

Cleaning the aquarium includes vacuuming bottom sediments, cleaning the glass and removing algae. Use suitable aquarium tools to avoid damaging plants and decorations. A good filter is crucial for maintaining the water quality. It removes impurities and ensures even water circulation. Make sure to clean the filter regularly and replace the filter media to ensure optimal functioning.

When setting up the aquarium, you should make sure that there are enough hiding places for the aquarium inhabitants. Plants, stones and roots offer protection and contribute to the natural look of the aquarium. Make sure to prune the plants regularly and remove dead parts to promote healthy growth.

Popular aquariums for beginners

Easy-care and manageable aquariums are particularly suitable for beginners, as they allow an uncomplicated introduction to aquariums. Nano aquariums are ideal for beginners as they are compact and easy to handle. With a size of usually 20 to 30 liters, they are perfect for small rooms or desks. Nano aquariums offer the opportunity to create a fascinating underwater world in a small format and are particularly suitable for keeping shrimps and small fish.

Standard aquariums with a size of 60 to 120 liters are also suitable for beginners. These aquariums offer sufficient space for a larger selection of fish and plants and are still easy to maintain. A well-equipped standard aquarium offers stable water values and a greater biological balance, which makes maintenance easier.

Complete aquarium sets are an excellent choice for beginners. These sets contain everything you need to get started: Aquarium, filter, heater and lighting. Complete sets take the uncertainty out of choosing the right equipment and make getting started with aquariums easy and stress-free.

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