Aquarium plants - placement

Aquarium plants - variety and beauty for your aquarium

Aquarium plants are not only a decorative element in your aquarium, but also play a decisive role in the ecological balance and health of your aquarium inhabitants. At Rendo-Shrimp, we offer you a wide selection of high-quality plants for your aquarium, providing the perfect solution for both beginners and experienced aquarists. Our aquarium plants are carefully selected and come from sustainable farms to guarantee you the best quality.

Types of aquarium plants

The variety of aquarium plants is impressive and offers the right plant for every aquarium. Whether you want to create a densely planted aquascape or just add a few accents, you will find the right selection here. The most popular species include

Foreground plants such as dwarf grass (Eleocharis) and Hemianthus callitrichoides, which are ideal for the foreground of your aquarium and form a dense, green carpet.

Mid-ground plants such as Anubias and Cryptocoryne, which are ideal for the middle section of the aquarium thanks to their robust leaves and adaptability.

Background plants such as Vallisneria and Hygrophila, which grow quickly and add height and depth to your aquarium.

Floating plants such as Limnobium and duckweed, which float on the surface of the water and dim the light to create natural shading.

Advantages of aquarium plants

Aquarium plants offer numerous benefits for your aquarium. They help to improve the water quality by absorbing excess nutrients and thus inhibiting algae growth. Aquarium plants promote oxygen production through photosynthesis, which is particularly important for the health of your fish and invertebrates.

Another advantage is the creation of a natural and safe habitat. Plants provide hiding places for fish and shrimp, which reduces stress and encourages natural behavior. This is particularly important for shy and territorial species.

Aquarium plants also help to stabilize the substrate and prevent the substrate from compacting. This promotes better water circulation and prevents the formation of anaerobic zones that could release harmful gases.

Tips for choosing the right aquarium plants

Choosing the right aquarium plants depends on various factors, including the size of your aquarium, the lighting conditions and the water parameters. For beginners, hardy and easy to care for plants such as Anubias, Java fern and Cryptocoryne are recommended as they thrive in a variety of conditions.

If you are planning a more demanding aquascape, you should pay attention to the needs of the plants. Some species require more intensive lighting and CO2 fertilization in order to grow optimally. Make sure to plant plants with similar needs together to create a harmonious and low-maintenance environment.

Another important aspect is the placement of the plants in the aquarium. Foreground plants should be lower and more compact, while background plants grow taller and take up more space. This creates a natural depth effect and makes your aquarium appear larger and more structured.

Care and maintenance of aquarium plants

The care of aquarium plants is relatively simple, but requires regular maintenance to ensure healthy growth. Make sure your plants receive sufficient light. Good lighting is crucial for photosynthesis and plant growth.

Regular fertilization with special aquarium fertilizers will ensure that your plants get all the nutrients they need. Be sure to dose the fertilizers according to the instructions to avoid over- or under-fertilizing.

Prune and trim your plants regularly to control their growth and promote dense planting. Remove dead or damaged leaves to maintain plant health and prevent algae growth.

Another important point is to check the water parameters. Make sure that the water values are stable and meet the needs of your plants. Regular water changes and the use of a suitable filter system help to ensure optimum water quality.

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