Anubias barteri 'Mini Coin'

On root or lava stone

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Anubias 'Mini Coin' is a variety of Anubias barteri that was found at the Tropica aquarium nursery in Denmark. The plant is one of the smallest Anubias, each leaf is smaller than a small fingernail. It is just as easy to care for as its parents and does not like bright light.
Anubias 'Mini Coin' thrives best on stones and tree roots in the aquarium. If the plant is planted in the substrate, the creeping stem (rhizome) must not be covered, as this can lead to rotting and death of the plant. Anubias 'Mini Coin' branches out easily and forms a dense cushion of small, round, deep green leaves. If the plant becomes too dense, it can be carefully divided and the new plants placed elsewhere in the aquarium.
It is ideal for nano aquariums, but can also enhance the small details in larger aquariums.


Standort: Vordergrund
Herkunft: Kultivar
Wachstum: langsam
Höhe: bis zu 10 cm
Lichtbedarf: niedrig
CO2: niedrig
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Immer wieder gern

Die Pflanze kam bereits in mehreren kleineren Absetzern. Dadurch musste ich gar nicht mehr schneiden. Einfach nur das Gel abspülen und aufkleben. Schöne Gesunden Pflanzen die sich toll in meinem Aquarium machen.

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