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Black/yellow antler snail (Clithon sp.)

Appearance of the black/yellow antler snail (Clithon sp.)

The black and yellow antler snail, Clithon sp., is characterized by its distinctive shell colouration, which has black and yellow patterns. These patterns can resemble small antlers or rays of sunlight, giving this snail species a striking and attractive appearance.

Keeping the black/yellow antler snail (Clithon sp.)

Clithon sp. is easy to care for and adaptable, but prefers clean, well-circulated water. They are useful for controlling algae in planted aquaria. Stable water quality and regular cleaning are important for their health.

Socialization of the black/yellow antler snail (Clithon sp.)

The black/yellow antler snail is peaceful and can be kept together with many fish species and other invertebrates without any problems. Its calm and reserved nature makes it a good choice for community aquariums.

Diet of the black/yellow antler snail (Clithon sp.)

Clithon sp. feeds mainly on algae and biofilm, which it grazes from surfaces in the aquarium. In aquaria with a low supply of algae, their diet can be supplemented with special snail food or vegetables.

Tank design for the black/yellow antler snail (Clithon sp.)

A suitable aquarium for Clithon sp. should be rich in plants and provide plenty of surfaces for algae growth. A varied environment with stones, roots and plants provides optimal living conditions. Regular monitoring of the water quality is recommended to ensure a healthy environment.

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