Algae shrimp - Neocaridina davidi

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Neocaridina dwarf shrimp - Algae shrimp

Appearance of the algae shrimp

This Neocaridina shrimp, known as the algae shrimp, fascinates with its radiant raspberry coloration that will brighten up any aquarium. These shrimp are characterized by their vibrant and varied colors, which are enhanced by their clear, translucent shell. Their striking appearance makes them a favorite among aquarium enthusiasts.

Breeding the algae shrimp

Algae shrimp are ideal for breeders of all experience levels, especially beginners. They require stable water conditions and a constant water temperature, but are otherwise quite undemanding. Their breeding is facilitated by easy sex differentiation and their adaptability to different environments.

Socialization of the algae shrimp

These shrimps are excellent candidates for a community aquarium due to their peaceful nature. They get along well with other peaceful small aquarium inhabitants. However, it is important not to socialize them with large or aggressive fish, as they could otherwise be endangered.

Food for the algae shrimp

The algae shrimp is undemanding in its diet and eats a variety of foods, which makes it particularly suitable for beginners. It prefers special shrimp foods, plant-based foods and algae. A balanced diet is important for their health and the intensity of their colors.

Tank design for the algae shrimp

An aquarium for algae shrimp should offer plenty of hiding places to create a natural environment. Plants, roots and special hiding places are ideal. A fine substrate and careful monitoring of the water quality are essential for their health and well-being.


lat. Bezeichnung: Neocaridina sp.
dt. Bezeichnung: Algengarnele
Aussehen: schwarz, bräunlich, auch grünlich mit transparenten Stellen
Größe: bis zu 3 cm
Alter: bis zu 2 Jahren
Wesen: sehr friedlich, kann mit friedlichen Fischen vergesellschaftet werden (wenn die Wasserwerte übereinstimmen)
Vermehrung: Weibchen entlassen im Intervall von vier bis sechs Wochen bis zu 40 selbstständige Jungtiere.
Ernährung: hauptsächlich pflanzlich, gelegentlich Proteinfutter
Schwierigkeit für Anfänger geeignet

Anforderungen & Wasserwerte:

min. Anforderungen Aquarium Wir empfehlen ein Becken von min. 20 L
geeigneter Bodengrund Garnelenkies
Temperatur 15 – 28 °C
pH-Wert 6,5 – 8,5 mol/l
Gesamthärte (GH) 3 – 20 ° dGh
Karbonathärte (KH) 3 – 14 ° dGh
Leitwert für Osmose Wasser ca. 300 +/- 50 µS
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Schöne Tiere
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Schöne Tiere

Ein sehr schönes Tier. Kamen munter und agil an

Super gesunde Racker
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Super gesunde Racker

Die Tiere kamen Putz munter und gesund an. Die Verpackung war 2 Mal gesichert, so dass kaum eine Möglichkeit besteht das den kleinen etwas passiert. Werde ich noch einmal kaufen

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